Today’s Free Pick via Email:

Today’s Free Pick via Email:


For four decades, Tony Russo, a professional bettor, handicapper and businessman has been the leader in the sports wagering information field. Since the early 1980s Tony Russo has been one of the most recognized Bigtime sports bettors in the business.  He started out in the business as a consultant to linesmakers and now has grown into one of the biggest Sports Syndicates in the world.  Tony had one of the first telephone line services, SCORE-PHONE in the 1980’s that would supply oddsmakers with an abundance of information.  Who was playing – who wasn’t. Who was hitting the lines early & for how much. Where the lines were headed and where the public money was going.

Today, Tony comes out with what is called the Outlaw line. A line many of the Top Pro’s use to make their betting decisions. It’s one of the sharpest lines in the business! Get ahead of the game by joining Tony’s Network. You’ll be glad you did.

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