Today’s Free Pick via Email:

Today’s Free Pick via Email:


Jim Powers is well known for his POWER PLAYS and Future Bets. He formed his present company, POWER PROFIT, in 1992 and has been a professional and public handicapper since then, devoting his full time energies to the handicapping profession since 1992. He moved to Las Vegas in 1994 from Florida and has resided there since.

Jim Power’s is not just a one man handicapping operation. Jim has one of the largest network’s of insider’s in the sports betting industry. The best combination of gambling & media sources in Sports Wagering today. Jim is also an award winning sportswriter for several Las Vegas Journal publications and has won several Vegas Handicapping Tournaments over the past decade.



Winning Highlights

  • 41-23-1 Winning Free Pick Run!
  • 89-51-4 Winning Free Picks Overall!
  • Nearly +57,830 Net Units Overall!
  • 195-98-5 Basketball Overall TY!
  • 79-48-2 for 62.2% Football Overall!
  • 24-7 NBA Playoffs in 2018'
  • Perfect 6-0 NBA Series Bets 2019'

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