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With 30 years of experience in the sports gambling industry, nobody has better sources and nobody has better information. I’ve done it all, seen it all, been there, done that etc. and know how to make players money in this business. Whether you are just a recreational bettor or more serious sports investor, I will have a plan to maximize your ROI! I’m AL Merritt, Dean of Las Vegas handicappers. My clients and I have beat Vegas & Offshore Sportsbooks to the tunes of millions!

Most services come and go but not me.

I have successfully made money for players for close to three decades & I am proud to have won 5 Major Handicapping Titles over the years!

Winning Highlights

  • 21-8 Winning Run Basketball
  • Secret Service Football 15-4 L19
  • 25-12-2 College Football Run!
  • 18-9-1 NFL Last 3 Weeks!
  • +$98,640 in Baseball Overall!

Winning Packages


Football Packages

Basketball Packages

Baseball Packages

Includes all of the following: