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Benny Diamond is one of the most legendary handicappers in the sports gambling arena. He was one of the first sports services to sell selections via telephone service back in the early 1980’s. When it comes to information Benny has it all. He employs over 250+ contacts and resources in his vast network of Insider’s. He is truly a “Wiseguy” when it comes to sports gambling.

His 12 Top Finishes in Major Handicapping Contests in Vegas makes Benny one of the most feared bettors in Las Vegas Today!

Regular Plays = 100-500 Units
Major Wagers = 600-1000 Units

For More Information on Benny Diamond’s Winning Picks or Packages feel free to call 1-866-696-9420.

PRIVATE TEXT PLAN: Includes Early & Late Breaking Information Games. Plus ALL the Special 30-50* Blockbuster Games of the Week, Month & Year!

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Winning Highlights

  • 89-44-1 for 66.9% L2MTHS!
  • 15 out of last 20 Winning Weeks!
  • 26-9-1 Hockey Win Streak!
  • +31,475 Units Overall in Basketball!

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