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Ken Barnes is one of the most consistent and most profitable handicappers in the country. Ken has a long-term model for success and his creative and intelligent methods have made him one of the most successful handicappers in the United States over the past 2 decades. He is one of the superstars in the industry and has the track record to prove it. While Solid in Football, Ken Barnes is know for his Amazing Numbers in Basketball Especially College Basketball where he put up an amazing 173-101 Record last Year!

Private Sharpshooter Plan!
* 1st Time Private Players $975 30 Days!
* 30 Day Package $2500 plus Comm %!

Or Call me Direct at 1-866-696-9420 if you headed to Vegas or can play $5000-10,000+ per Game and We can work out A Pay After you Win Plan!

Winning Highlights

  • 73.5% Basketball Last 14 Days!
  • 25-8-1 Last 34 College Hoops!
  • 17-5 Last 22 NBA!
  • Hockey 45-24 Overall!
  • Amazing 18-5 Major Wager Run!
  • 17 out of 31 Winning Weeks Overall!

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