Today’s Free Pick via Email:

Today’s Free Pick via Email:


Stu Randall used to be an ex-linesmaker and now is on the other side of the counter. He is recognized as one of the leaders and most trusted names in the industry. Most handicapping services are one-man operations, but with Stu Randall you are getting a wealth of information, as he has contacts all over the world. From ALL the TOP offshore head linesmakers to the Top personnel in Las Vegas, Stu has resources no one else in this businesss could possibly have.

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Winning Highlights

  • Swept 5-0 Hoops Tuesday!
  • 3rd Sweep in 7 Days!
  • 10 Sweeps of Board This Season!
  • 43-15-1 Winning Run L4 Weeks!
  • 89-51-3 for 63.6% Football Overall
  • 46-28-1 for 62% College Football
  • 43-23-2 for 65% NFL Football
  • Free MLB Picks 65-32-3 for 67%!

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