Today’s Free Pick via Email:

Today’s Free Pick via Email:


While investors can choose to purchase a single expert’s picks, our TGR Consensus program is the result of our in-house team of analysts finding the highest rated matches from all of our experts while eliminating conflicting sides.  We go even deeper into each selection as to where the information was acquired and why each expert liked their respective pick and whether it was based strictly from handicapping, or using their own models or analytics, pure information, or a combination of those factors. Weighing all these factors & the quality of the information TGR releases them as Elite Consensus Picks where 5 experts must agree on the same side of a game.

It’s the Best Bang for your Buck!

Winning Highlights

  • Baseball 91-59-5 MLB Run!
  • Baseball 215-111-4 Overall!
  • Basketball 47-28 Winning Run!
  • Basketball: 202-107-2 for 64.8% in 2018'
  • Football: 120-63-5 Overall for 65.6%
  • Football 67-36-4 College Overall
  • Football: 53-27-2 NFL Overall!

Winning Packages


Football Packages

Basketball Packages

Baseball Packages

Includes all of the following: