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Today’s Free Pick via Email:


AL Merritt is a nationally known Professional Sports Handicapper of 27 years, a National Sports Broadcaster on Mainstream National Networks for 14 years, and has sources in the betting industry most handicappers could only dream of.  Many in the betting circles in Las Vegas dubbed him as the “Ultimate Vegas Insider” for his wealth and knowledge in beating the line in ALL SPORTS. He employs a vast network of over 250+ Sources and contacts which has led him to win 4 Major Handicapping Titles in Football.

Being one of the most successful, respected, and influential sports bettors in the industry Al Merritt has gained the respect of two of the largest betting syndicates in the country, exchanging information with them on a daily basis since 1994 making him privy to game-changing information that isn’t factored into a line. This type of information just isn’t available to the average bettor out there. It can’t be found in an excel sheet you’ve created for years.


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