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I Love Beating the Number & CAN for YOU!

That’s why I am rolling out my SPECIAL 4 DAY PLAN Once Again!


And, for the last 10 years, I’ve made a lot of money for myself and clients, most of whom are very high rollers. Over that time, I infiltrated the top syndicates, the bettors who are so big they have to use ‘beards” to lay their wagers and the “wise guys” who can play enough on their own to move lines by several points.

That’s the “smart money.”
Now, I don’t know about you, but I when I put my own money on the line, I feel a lot better when it’s on the side of the “smart money” players who I know are winners. Doesn’t that make sense to you? 

1.  If you were going to try the bang the stock market, you’d really like to have a private pipeline to Warren Buffett and other players like him.
2.  If you wanted the real lowdown on how an oil company’s stock would perform in the next few months, you’d really love to know what their chief geologist says about their short term drilling
3.  And, if you wanted to “rob a bank,” you would darn well make sure knew the days the bank had the most cash on hand and the guards were not around.

What do I know about R.O.I., Units Geek Programs and Trends?

Look, I am not your typical sports service operator.

I’m not going to feed you meaningless blab about Units and Computer programs and trends because I know and you should know that’s all nonsense.

It’s really just another word for manipulating your money. If you lost 6 games at 10 Units each, you know you’re going to get an 80 Unit game. If that wins, the other guys brag you made 10 Units profit even though you were 1 and 7 against the spread. I WILL NEVER TRY TO PULL THAT KIND OF END RUN NONSENSE ON YOU.

I pick football winners by following smart money. Wise guys don’t lose. They win. And they 500 or 1,000 times their money every season. R.O.I. is for guys who want to put money in the bank and earn 5% on a C.D. That’s not for me. I bet it’s not for you.

Football is two teams pounding on each other. What a geek program can predict is how the Patriots will react after Tom Brady goes down in a game or a key running back breaks a leg on the first play? That’s all talk. It sounds good, but if you examine the common sense of the idea, how can you predict a football game with a computer when the ball is not round and takes funny bounces and players get hurt all the time?


You bet football because you like the action, it makes the game more interesting to watch and…YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY, AS MUCH MONEY AS YOU CAN!



That’s straight talk, the way I see it. And, it also points out that we have common interests like MONEY, WINNING & FOOTBALL. So, doesn’t it make sense that we get together?

Last Week 10-4 OVERALL!

Highlights: Smart Money moved early and late on Virginia (+) over the Miami Hurricanes as late game decision and injuries were not announced until right before kickoff. Plus the fact that lines-makers continue to inflate Miami FL. games even though they have not covered and the public is still betting them.

Highlights: An off the radar game had Georgia St getting +10 at home vs APP ST in what should have been a nice underdog play. But what public bettors didn’t know was that Georgia St was playing without 3 of their Top starters. Plus they looked great the week before in covering +27 vs Auburn while App St struggled. Typical public reaction.

Other teams that continue to get overvalued by bookmakers include Wisconsin, Missouri and Texas A+M, who has now fallin out of the Top 25.

Are you beginning to see the “Smart Money” pattern?

HOW ABOUT BALL ST (+4) over Army. That line moved to -10.5? The More in Kept Moving, the MORE MONEY WE KEPT BETTING! When you KNOW certain numbers (Army should have been only -1) you can CHERRYPICK WEAK LINES!

You HAVE to KNOW each and every team in order to find the BEST VALUE! Plus know the right personnel that sets these odds in order for the Sportsbook’s to make money and beat the public. Oddsmakers use certain power ratings to set and adjust lines.


The Week before I uncovered a very close game and UNLV was catching +31 points vs Fresno. My Insiders told me UNLV was a live dog and that Fresno should have only been a -24 point favorite. That’s a 7 POINT ADVANTAGE before I even bet that game.

HOW ABOUT KNOWING that the JETS were +7.5 with all the TITANS injuries and was a LIVE MONEYLINE BET Sunday in the NFL. Or Giants +7.5, Patriots +7 and Cardinals +6 opening lines which were WAY OFF because of the week before performances by the Saints and especially Rams.

Disciplined Control
Listen, I will release only plays I love and that we are riding the “smart money” on. You’ll get from 3 to 5 games on a Saturday and 2 to 4 plays on a Sunday by phone just hours before kickoff after I have run down my entire Las Vegas and Offshore network. Weeknight games are tougher to promise. With just one game to focus on, the lines-makers are usually more accurate. Unless they make a mistake, we won’t want to step in heavily. If the “wise guys” move we will too and get the cash. If not, then we’ll pass. The object is to MAKE MONEY. Everything else is just talk.

I could go on and on about where I get my information from and how valuable it really is…but if you don’t take at least a Dip in the pool to test it out – you won’t see the Rewards that hundreds of others players see each week! Most have already Locked-in on a SEASON worth of Winners!


Venmo is AvailableSimply Text Venmo to 1-443-204-3478 for Details!

See you in the Winners Circle,

AL Merritt

P.S. ALSO No Unit Plays on Major Highroller Plays! Every MAJOR game I release is designed to win you the maxi-mum you can play. If it’s weak, I won’t give it.

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