Archived: Consensus Club 6-2-1 Weekend (Now 20-5-1 L26)

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Have you looked at today’s games yet?

Probably. But lets be real…

Have you put in the research needed to uncover The Winners?

Probably not. Right?

More than likely you’re going off of a gut feeling, or even what the so called “experts” on ESPN are saying.

Understand this…

Gaining the advantage is simply putting in the work. Doing what it takes.

But it’s not your fault.

Life, family, and STUFF gets in the way… I get it.

My crew and I start researching games DAYS ahead of time…

It’s vital, we put in the time to successfully predict the outcome.

But talk is cheap. Quite frankly it’s not my style to talk a BIG game.

I’d rather let the results do the talking. Make’s sense to only do it that way, right?

Just click here and you’ll get the picks that continue to make our players tons of money each week!

Just like the latest Consensus picks…

W Cardinals OV 45
W Giants +5
W Ravens +5.5
W Colts -1
W Texans +3
W Ravens OV 52
W Colts OV 47
W Vikings OV 43
W App St +3
W Troy -18
L Kansas +4.5
L Tulsa -4
L Jets +7
W Falcons +1
T Broncos +2
L Saints +2
W Arizona +1.5
W Oklahoma -22.5
W UCF -9
W SMU -17.5
W Bucs +7
W Mets OV 8.5
W Braves OV 10
W Cubs OV 9
L Nationals +130
W Arizona +3
W Colts +6.5
W Bills +2.5
W Ravens-Dolphins OV 40.5
W Marshall-Boise St UN 58
W Marshall +12
W Wake Forest- Rice OV 57.5
L Texas St +7.5
W Western Kentucky +8
W Coastal Carolina +7
W Uconn +21.5
W Michigan St -15
L Southern Miss +16.5

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