Jim Powers 2019 March Madness Package!

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Jim Powers 2019 March Madness Package!

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I have been putting money in all players pockets all season long, so not sure what some of you are waiting for by not getting involved in my amazing information. It’s not a fluke that I have Swept the board 15 times this season in College Basketball and have now won 7 Straight Weeks Overall…

151-65-4 Overall Season for 69.8%!
$10/unit bettors up +$93,980 this season!

Go ahead and grab my 7 Day Special for only $99.

Yeah, we’re talking pocket change here. And to boot, you can be assured, there’s no small print. No monthly charge. No hoops to jump through.

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And don’t take my word for it.

These are just some of the Documented Sweeps the past few weeks that my clients and followers have seen posted.

WIN: Bulls-Bucks UN 226
Suns-Heat OV 216
Kansas -5.5 over Kansas St
Iowa St -8 over Oklahoma

WIN: San Fran U -11 over Pepperdine
WIN: Okla City OVER 238
WIN: Cal Riverside +7 UCSB
Push: St Mary’s Ca -11 over Santa Clara

WIN: Oklahoma +3 over Iowa St
Texas Tech -11.5 over West Va
Pistons +3 over Nuggets
Louisville +4.5 over Va Tech

WIN: Vandy +9 over Tennessee
WIN: George Mason +8 over Dayton
WIN: George Wash +15 over Davidson

WIN: NW -1.5 over Indiana
WIN: Minnesota +12.5 over Michigan
WIN: Northern Illinois +9 over Buffalo
WIN: Ga Tech +2 over Notre Dame

WIN: Charlotte +8 over Old Dominion
WIN: Michigan St -8.5 over Maryland

Think about it…

I am basically giving this winning information away for less than $15 per day. I am not going to retire off of $99. But you stand to make a tremendous amount of money over a 7 Day Period with me – if you just follow my lead on this & take me serious for just a week. After the week is over and you have collected a large amount of money, I am sure you will want to sit down and talk about Winning Through March Madness.

Come tomorrow, you can either be counting your winnings, or reading about how my clients and I turned in yet another winning performance!

Don’t get left out of the party. Because I’m making it stupid simple easy here.
No extra’s – nothing more to buy – no salesman & no hype!

7 Day Special Only $99
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Trust me on this,

Jim Powers

You’ve seen my Winning! You’ve Seen My Success! And not just for 1 game or 1 day. So Come Join me through March Madness & let’s make a score together. I already get rich off the plays I make. I would love to get you rich too.

$10/unit bettors have made over $93,980 this Season!

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