#1 Vegas Basketball Insider AL Merritt on 26-8 Winning Run!

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Current 26-8 Winning Run Basketball including 5 Sweeps of the Board in the last two weeks! Tuesday Night another Big Sweep including his Secret Service Play on Florida -2 over West Va.

WON! Florida -2 over West Virginia
WON! Northwestern +5.5 over Michigan
WON! Utah Jazz -7.5 over SA Spurs
WON! Dallas-Portland UN 216.5

WON! Arkansas St +1 over Evansville
WON! Georgia St +8 over Alabama

If you’re the type of player who likes action and high-percentage games, my BEST BETS CLUB is for you. Every day I handicap every game on the board. I track the factors, the ups and downs, look for bad lines, study the injury reports and talk to lines-makers in town to check on a number of games to see if there’s heavy action on the side I’m interested in.

An average that means 3 Best Bets Games Rated 500-1500 Units.


I’m armed with fresh information daily, and that translates into accurate numerical ratings. I seldom get trapped, or suckered in, by one of those over-valued high-profile public basketball teams. The money is in finding good, solid consistent basketball teams and betting on them night after night.

I opened the NBA Season in 2017-18 going 17-4-1 in plays rated 500 Units and 16-7-1 overall in my Best Bets Club picks. This Year I currently stand at 20-7 in the first two weeks of the NBA. The easiest time to make money is early in the season when the lines are the softest.

That’s why you need to Join College Basketball Early!

How can I be to date on 338 colleges and all 30 NBA teams. As a handicapper, I have the ability to pick and choose. The bookmaker has to take action on all the games; I need only find A FEW WHERE THERE IS AN EDGE.

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My winning selections are not an accident. It is the result of daily gathering volumes of information and then intensely handicapping and analyzing it. Basketball is the fastest way to build bankroll of all betting sports. My speed handicapping analyzing the teams, and the information at hand pays off… Beating the spread in Basketball is a daily battle, putting my number against the Oddsmaker’s. So if you want to make Big Money in Hoops; legendary Vegas Insider AL Merritt gives you your best shot. My clients know that what I do works. Let me be your basketball handicapper this season.

I’ll do the work.


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