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Since the inception of we have valued the opinions of our customers. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond when it comes to customer service and guarantee we’re the best in the industry in that department. Below are handicapper reviews, customer comments and customer reviews.

Testimonials from Real Live Clients!

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1 Thank you, TGR, for the picks for the last 30 days. You have helped me double my bankroll. I look forward to the next 30 plus the Bowl Games!

Roger A.  TGR CONSENSUS Member

2 Thank you for your picks. You guys are the best in the business! I would have been on the other side of most of your plays today, thanks to you I was not and you earned me a cool $1500. Thanks again.

D. Nguyen  Ken Barnes Member

3 I would easily pay double or even triple the price that you offer picks for. Best value I can find! Thanks for being awesome, keep the winners coming!!! No Hype never pressure…and consistent winning!
would recommend Benny To Any Size Sports bettor.

Jerry R  Benny Diamond Member

4 I would easily pay double or even triple the price that you offer picks for. Best value I can find! Thanks for being awesome, keep the winners coming!!!

Frank G  Ken Barnes Member

5 Once again I must give you many thank you’s for the last two day’s of Football tip’s that you have e-mailed me, please keep up the good work.

Dave T.  Consensus Member

6 Thanks for the winning picks last night… good job. I would have been on the other side. Impressed so far.

Steve M  Consensus Member

7 thx! Keep up the great work!

Dan W Consensus Member

8 I wanted to say thanks for helping me get from 1800 in the hole to plus 1k in a matter of 2 days.

AR from Texas  Al Merritt Member

9 Thank you for the great picks yesterday! I was stuck a bunch due to some poor live betting, but I bet $100 on each game you picked and cleaned up for over $1000. Thanks again!

Stanley T  Tony Russo Member

10 I have been very impressed with your services thus far. Best value I can find on the internet.

Marc U  Marc Demonte Member

11 Great Monday Night Football pick. I would have never touched this game but I followed your advice and took your side. The Dolphins were the Right side all the way. Should have played the Moneyline. But anyway, It payed off! Thanks!

Joey T Benny Diamond Member

12 After looking at a variety of sports handicappers, I picked Jim Powers. As a Private member now and seeing your analysis I believe I’ve made a great choice. Impressed in your ability to Profit, not just for 1 day or couple of days , but week to week. Keep it up.

Jason  T Ken Barnes Member

13 I tripled my bankroll in one week! Excellent picks for the best value.

Terry A. TX  Consensus Member

14 Wow first 2 weeks for $13,000.00 in Consensus picks we went 14 wins 5 losses!

Benny R  Private Investor Member

15 Thanks for the winning picks on college hoops. Solid picks.

Jordan R from Baltimore  Tony Russo Member


I’ve been an avid sports fan all my life and I was looking for a way to supplement my income. I did okay by myself but in actuality it was a crap shoot. I needed to find a trustworthy source to give me winning plays, and the professionals at TGR have done just that. Customer for life.

-Gary F Baltimore, MD

TGR has made me look like a Vegas sharp with all of my family and friends. Not only do they give you winning picks, but they also explain why they like a certain pick which is reassuring! Plus they text picks in a timely manner and I don’t have to put up with any high pressure salesman. Finally a Service that Actually Wins and Wins consistently without the BS.

-Tommy OH, Spokane, WA

I’m a professional bettor and although on my own I usually have a pretty good grip on where oddsmakers are on the wrong side, TGR helps give me reassurance and these guys are SHARP.

-Vincent M., Las Vegas, NV

I enjoy betting on the big games like Super Bowl, March Madness, etc. and the pros at TheGamblersReport help me pick winners whether it’s for parlays, teasers, straight bets, and more. Love them.

-Billy E., West Palm Beach, FL